Dance Videos For Schools

10 Week PDHPE Program for Schools

At Fit Futures we are committed to providing opportunities for online learning to all schools and their students.

So we’ve put together this comprehensive stage-specific 10-week package for PDHPE.

The full package we are offering includes:

  • A 10 week stage specific Dance program (approximately 20-minute lessons)
  • Gymnastics and Yoga program (approximately 10-15 minutes per lesson).
  • The gymnastics lessons come with a PDF booklet to help pupils learn gymnastics shapes, moves and skills.
  • 10 weeks of PDH lessons: Health and Nutrition KLA – focussing on health, wellbeing, nutrition and physical activity benefits.
  • These interactive PDH lessons for pupils to do at home; including our Fit Futures teachers doing voice clips and videos taking pupils through lessons especially for those in K-2.
  • Additional Ball Skills and Fitness booklets for 10 weeks of activities.
  • All videos filmed in HD and available to be downloaded if necessary and all sent directly to you for pupil-led learning

The Dance program is prepared and delivered by YouTube sensation, JustDance ambassador and Fit Futures dance coach Jayden Rodrigues. In the free trial videos you’ll see how Jayden guides students step by step at the perfect pace to keep them engaged, and motivated to do more. <

This program will help improve kids’ fundamental movement skills, fitness and coordination as well as being extremely fun! Over the 10 Dance videos, students will:

  • Learn 3 amazing routines
  • Enjoy fun, exciting dance warm ups each week
  • Develop a performance piece that progresses throughout the videos
  • Learn a stomping routine using the body to create sounds through dance
  • Learn a tutting, arm isolating routine

Designed for schools and home learning, you can expect the same quality and energetic teachers you would see in face to face lessons. 

Programs are designed for each primary stage:

  • Early Stage 1 – Kindergarten
  • Stage 1 – Years 1 & 2
  • Stage 2 – Years 3 & 4
  • Stage 3 – Years 5 & 6

Your FREE Trial includes the Week One video from EACH STAGE, so you can take a look and see if this course is right for you.

If you like what you see, you’ll be able to join and receive full access to the comprehensive stage-specific 10-week PDHPE package for just $200 per student.

But right now, there’s nothing to pay, just enjoy your free trial.

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