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Our vision is to provide students, schools and community groups across Sydney and NSW with outstanding sporting experiences in a high quality, safe and sustainable environment.

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Fit Futures Swim School has developed our swim programs around you and your children.

School Programs

Gymnastics - GYM NSW Preferred Provider

Engaging, fun and active gymnastics lessons where the main focus is on learning new skills in a challenging and rewarding environment. These lessons focus on a mixture of fundamental movement skills, strength work, rhythmic gymnastics, and composition.  Students work independently and collaboratively throughout the 10-week program.

FMS, Balls Skills & Sport Specific Programs

We love all sports and have great ways to teach your students the skills and movements needed to play them. From basic FMS  for K-2, transitional skills with years 3 and 4 and team skills and tactics in 5 and 6.  We always have plenty of equipment to keep participation and engagement levels high.

Athletics & Carnivals

Need to get your students ready for carnival days? Our stage-specific programs work on the needs of your students. We work with infants to build fundamental movement skills, and with primary students to prepare for specific carnival events such as shotput, discus, high jump and track races. Our expert instructors ensure your students are participating safely, whilst maintaining high activity levels in engaging lessons.


New moves, new skills, and a new sense of confidence through dance! Our dance program is designed to engage students at all skill levels. Students will learn a full hip-hop routine whilst gaining an understanding of all the elements of dance.

Team building, Wellbeing and Resilience

Our aim is to improve a child’s psychological well-being and build resilience as well as improving students’ decision making. Our sessions include yoga, meditation as well as team building and cooperation games.

Galas, Fun Days & Colour Runs

We are passionate about delivering the best possible experience for your school and its students. That’s why our gala days are a great choice. We love to inspire students to get excited about the sport and guarantee we will bring a smile to their faces. Our staff can organise everything from equipment to games or competitions.

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